Stand Up For California Parks

We here at Buy Board Shorts know that many states are having to cut back on services but California’s state parks have taken an especially bad beating from Governor Schwarzenegger this past year, with many parks being forced to close along with parking and camping fees shooting sky high!

The California State Parks Association is holding an event this holiday weekend called ‘Stand Up for State Parks’.

Their idea is that the best way to show support for California’s state parks is to go out and visit them! The event will also raise awareness to the fiscal problems the state parks are facing and generate public action for the protection and funding of California’s state parks.

What better time to Stand Up For State Parks than the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend.

Participation in this event is fun and easy – and can help make a big difference! All you need to do is visit a state park, and then share your experience!

Of course we always advocate wearing a pair of our boardshorts along with a UV protecting shirt such as a rash guard or KoreDry shirt, along with environmentally friendly sunscreen while you’re outside enjoying a hike or swim at your favorite state park.  :-)

Hair Donations Needed To Soak Up OIl Spill

Yes, it may sound strange but hair and other natural fibers are a great way to soak up oil spills and a call is going out to send these items down to the Gulf to help out.

A group called Matter of Trust is collaborating with thousands of salons along with groomers, wool farmers, individuals and pet owners throughout the US and abroad, to  donate their  clippings to soak up oil spills. They also accept fur and other “natural fibers” waste wool, alpaca fleece, horse hair, feathers, etc.

You can find out more about this unique program here:

Sink the Breakwater Film Contest

The Long Beach chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is  having a film/video contest focusing on the removal of the 2.5 mile long breakwater in Long Beach, California. Entries can be any style, ie; comedy, fictional, documentary, etc.

Emphasis should be placed on an engaging, entertaining, and informative message on why the breakwater should be removed and waves restored to the shores of Long Beach. Winning submissions will be posted at, YouTube, and screened at the Art Theater in Long Beach on June 19, 2010. $2000 in prizes!

For more info see their website: