Quiksilver Malaysia – Ng

Quiksilver Malaysia is extremely pleased to be able to publicize its sponsorship of Bryan Ng as Surf Brand Ambassador for Malaysia. Designed for a preliminary agreement duration of 12 months, Bryan is going to be working together with Quiksilver Malaysia in a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which includes surf school along with water safety curriculums along with coordinating surf contests and various Quiksilver activities.

Ng began surfing around Malaysia back in 1997, but instead of keeping to him self or even his own little group of buddies Ng took the motivation to advance the growth of the area surfing community via tasks like obtaining sponsorship possibilities to the much younger surfers, running water safety classes along with surfing classes, along with making an effort to coordinate community surfing contests as well as endorsing Malaysian surfing regionally and even globally.

Presently Ng is additionally the president of the Terengganu and Selangor Surfing Associations and is also operating tightly together with Khairil Ibrahim to complete the permission of the Malaysia Surfing Association through the Malaysian Government along with the International Surfing Association as being the recognized National Governing Body for surfing in Malaysia.

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ISA Games

Together with banners soaring as well as 1000s of native fans rooting, more than two hundred and fifty surfers along with team reps who came from twenty-seven countries around the world, paraded in the wonderful avenues of Pedasí, a tiny seaside village only fifteen kms out of Playa Venao.

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Together with banners soaring as well as 1000s of native fans rooting, , more than two hundred and fifty surfers along with team reps coming from twenty-seven countries from around the world paraded in the wonderful avenues of Pedasí, a tiny seaside village only fifteen kms out of Playa Venao.

Shark Attack in Costa Rica

As a result of getting bitten from a shark in the ocean at Playa Grande, Costa Rica last Sunday, June 19th, 15-year-old Kevin Moraga was initially raced into the nearby emergency room in which he ended up being treated for the substantial injury in his left thigh.

As reported by the Tico Times, Elidio Mendoza, who works at the Cartagena Red Cross said “Happily, in spite of the injury, the boy was conscious and vital signs were also good; but obviously he had fainted due to the blood loss.”

The boy stayed for observation inside an intensive care unit in Hospital La Anexión on the Nicoya peninsula in Guanacaste till Wednesday, and then the boy had been transported in a coma to the Hospital Mexico in San José, in which physicians happen to be in a better position to take care of trauma victims.

Moraga passed away Thursday night from a cerebral edema, Radio ADN revealed. (A cerebral edema is usually the result of a substantial build-up involving fluids inside the brain.)

The Cartagena Red Cross stated they haven’t dealt with any sort of shark attacks over the last several years at Playa Grande.

Key to Surf City Given to Slater

Huntington Beach’s Main Street had to be totally closed last Tuesday evening. The road which divides a couple of the largest surfing stores on the planet had a fabulous stage placed in the area where automobiles should have been cruising. Yes, the traffic nonetheless was around — countless folks struggling to get front and center viewing, while they waited for the appearance of 10-time World Champ Kelly Slater. Kelly arrived on the scene approximately 10 minutes late and seemed genuinely stunned…

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Mentawai Surf Competition kicks off at Lances

An unbelievable morning of surf started the first Mentawai Surf Competition of 2011 upon the isle of Sipora at Lances. Tons of barrel rides during probably the greatest tournament surf observed in the recent past. Rounds 1, 2, as well as 4 heats of Round 3 had been carried out in 4-6 ft . barreling Mentawai flawlessness. Of course in these tropical waters, board shorts were the uniform of the day…  Read full article…

Industry News: Alderete Joins Versatraction

(Westminster, CA) — Shea Alderete, formerly of San Clemente-based Shea Ryan Consulting, has joined VersaTraction® and Waxless Surf Systems Inc’s marketing team, Versatraction/WSS CEO Jason Neu announced recently. At his former post, Alderete was a prime strategist for a full range of marketing, advertising, brand imaging and media design services for a number of Core companies Such as Metal Mulisha to Lost Enterprises.

“As a rapidly expanding global firm in high-tech traction technologies for the Action Sports and Extreme Sports industries, VersaTraction® welcomes the creative marketing skills in which Alderete excels,” Neu said. He will be reaching out to a broad market base that has been identified as ideal for Versatraction’s more than 10 NEW breakthrough VGT-(Versa-Grip Technology) grip sticker products all of which bring patent-pending no slip traction to such industries as Surf, Skate, Snow, Wake , Flow, Moto X and MMA.

Quiksilver Surf Forecast

June 17 – With the help of a really good combination of south swells, everything is looking up to help supply lots of rideable waves for the whole contest. During the Huntington Beach section of the competition (June 18-19), a small, yet really surfable, southern swell will probably be showing.

For Lower Trestles, (June 21-25), several south west swells definitely will dominate, with all the biggest swells breaking during the last few days of the competition waiting time, so we have pretty good waves appearing likely.

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Quiksilver Pro Portugal Update

June 18 – A brand new era involving up-and-comers on the ASP World Rankings crashed right into the Quarterfinals during the ASP PRIME Quiksilver Pro Portugal through awesome competition during challenging blown-out 3-4 foot surf during the main event location of Ribera D’Ilhas…

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Save the Waves Fundraiser

June 14 – Save The Waves brought in $45,000 during their yearly fundraising event to defend worldwide surf spots. Most know it’s typical in Northern California now – the surfing was terrible just about every place on June 10th. Freezing, windy, foggy as well as tiny. Fortunately, San Francisco’s largest yearly bash, Life is a Wave, provided a little relief out of the Spring-time doldrums. The party, that typically blends environmentalism together with surf culture, music, artwork, as well as history, brought in $45k for the purpose of Save The Waves’ environmentally friendly opportunities, to help safeguard as well as sustain surfing shoreline around the globe.

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Industy News: Surftech Names New CEO

(Santa Cruz, Calif.) — Surf Technicians, LLC (“Surftech”), a leading innovator, designer and developer of the highest performing surf and stand-up paddle boards sold worldwide has announced today that Huntley Dornan has been appointed as the company’s new President and CEO.

Dornan is an avid surfer who brings a decade of industry experience to Surftech from a wide variety of past roles spanning across domestic and international sales, product development, e-commerce and management.

Dornan succeeds Randy French, Founder of Surftech who will continue to play a very key role at Surftech as leader of product design and development efforts. “Huntley is a perfect candidate to lead Surftech,” said French. “His love of surfing combined with the strong sales and operational experience he gained at Patagonia and Quiksilver will help Surftech to accelerate growth and fully take advantage of the many opportunities we face. He has experience both domestically and overseas, which is significant given the global markets into which we sell. Most important, for anyone taking on the CEO role at Surftech, Huntley is a natural fit with our corporate culture.”

Most recently Huntley served as Vice President and General Manager of Emerging Brands at Quiksilver Inc., where he had full operating responsibility for the launch of three new brands at the company. Prior to joining Quiksilver, Huntley served over eight years at Patagonia, culminating as General Manager of Patagonia Australia where he grew sales by over 80% in his first year. Prior to that, he was Director of International Business with full responsibility for Patagonia’s hard and soft goods business in four wholly owned international subsidiaries and five international distributors. During his tenure at Patagonia, Dornan spent time in Strategic Planning and as a Product Line Director.


Grom Search

June 13 – Saturday and Sunday had the Rip Curl GromSearch back again at the first West Coast Qualifier. The event had been in full swing at 9th St in Huntington Beach. The young natural talent had been loaded, so groms such as Kalani David, Colin Moran, Kanoa Igarashi, as well as Jake Marshall were some who showed their particular heavy-hitter reputations are actually true. Even with a lot of regular early morning fog, enjoyable 2-4′ waves were happening for all the youngsters to go get to work…

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Rip Curl Stew in Canada – BRRR!

Tofino British Columbia — The weather conditions ended up being freezing however the rainfall stayed away just for the 2nd day’s competition of the Rip Curl Stew brought to you by Monster Energy. Once the morning started, all the surf in front of Long Beach Lodge actually seemed a little better compared to Day 1, when weak, 1-2′ waves were all to be had. Winning with frequent rides along with hallmark moves, Port Renfrew’s Leah Oke cruised effortlessly in to 1st place for the Women’s Pro division of the 5th yearly Rip Curl Stew. 

Rip Curl Stew brought to you by Monster Energy completed their 5th year as the largest yet. The Stew will continue to advance the Canadian surfing world on just about all fronts, as it securely stakes it’s claim as “the” special event of the season just for surfers, trade folks, as well as followers and fans. Expanding around the achievements from prior years, the Rip Curl Stew moved up once more this year, making sure that winning prize purses had been the largest in Canada and also the swag appeared to be moving pretty much all weekend for fans.

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Coldwater Classic Cancelled

Following several weeks involving conversations involving community surfers, political figures, surfing organizations as well as O’Neill, the 2011 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Canada seems to have formally been cancelled.

“O’Neill is sorry to declare the canceling of the O’Neill CWC Canada for 2011,” the brand stated in a new announcement. “Extensive consultation as well as dialogue with key event stakeholders, plus a short time to correctly get ready for the event, has resulted in this decision. During initial planning it grew to become clear a shorter than normal organizing window compromised the success of a 2011 CWC in Nova Scotia.” 

The contest was planned for September. 19-25 inside Cow Bay and additionally would’ve designated the 3rd year involving the Canadian Cold Water Classic – ’09 as well as ’10 had been located in Tofino, British Columbia.

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Lifeguards Arrested in Brazil

Following getting arrested for nearly seven days, more than four hundred Rio lifeguards along with firemen (which includes numerous surfers) have been discharged today on the demand from 3 Congressmen. Even so, discussions as well as protests continue on – a 6% pay raise that has been presented to these individuals would not fulfill their specific demands.

A week ago, 431 firefighters along with lifeguards occupied the head office in the Central Fire Department with a demonstration to get improved working conditions together with a wage raise.

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Frenchman Peyo Lizarazu Wins in Tahiti

In 2010 he finished number two in the world. He’s arguably World Champion Kai Lenny’s fiercest rival. But last weekend was Frenchman Peyo Lizarazu’s time to shine as he grabbed the prestigious Sapinus Pro, presented by Air Tahiti Nui on the Standup World Tour’s third stop in epic conditions.

With three podium finishes in 2010 and an impressive 3rd place at Sunset Beach in 2011, Lizarazu surfed his way intelligently through the rounds and in the FInal, got the best of the challenging conditions with an impressive opening barrel that secured the win, propelling him back up to 2nd place in the overall rankings for 2011. Coming into Brazil, Peyo will be looking to close the gap between himself and Lenny and is still very much in the running for the 2011 World Title, despite Lenny’s dominating start to the year.

Despite not walking away with the win in Tahiti, Lenny had a spectacular event, clearly demonstrating his big wave prowess, especially in the early heats where he pulled into one of the heaviest barrels of the contest and scored the single highest scoring ride (9.6 points). With a 3rd place finish at the Sapinus Pro, Kai is still in an incredibly strong position, with two firsts and a third, keeping him quite literally on top of the world.

With the strongest field of Tahitian athletes yet, the home court advantage played a major role in the powerful and intimidation surf at Sapinus: In particular, Patrice Chanzy stamped his mark on the Stand Up World Tour this year by being the first person to beat Kai in any heat so far in 2011, and by finishing in 2nd place with some of the more impressive barrel rides of the contest. He is definitely someone to look out for as we progress through 2011. Also standing out was Didier Tinhin, who convincingly won his quarter and semi final heats to make it the Final (4th place), with a particularly memorable barrel in the semi finals. Notable performances also came from Tama Audibert (Starboard) and Arsene Harehoe.

2010 Sapinus Pro Champion Dave Muir (Starboard) narrowly missed out on his place in the finals thanks to a barrel by Patrice Chanzy in the dying minutes of the heat despite some impressive rides that included the trademark Dave Muir power turns and technical barrel rides.

Aaron Napoleon again demonstrated that he’s always a force to be reckoned with, especially in waves of consequence, narrowly missing out on a place in the Final and finishing in a well deserved 5th place. Aaron’s ‘all in’ approach to getting barreled was impressive in the powerful and often unpredictable surf, as he threaded his way through some of the longest and heaviest barrels of the contest and won a round trip ticket on Air Tahiti Nui for his effort.

Local favorite Guillaume Bourligueux went down in the early rounds as the lip clamped down popping out his shoulder and twisting his knee, while Brazil’s Fabiano Tissot (Art in Surf) had a similar fate in his quarter final heat, but for him, it was a broken foot. Sapinus is not a wave to be taken lightly and while it provided the perfect conditions for some of the most intense standup paddlesurfing in history, it also took its fair share of casualties.

Next up, the World Tour heads to Ibiraquera in the south of Brazil for event number four on the 2011 Stand Up World Tour.Courrtesy Tristan Boxford

Gabriel Medina Wins

Following some sort of on-and-off again relationship, the SuperSurf Internacional Prime concluded on Sunday with moderately pumping lefts alongside Praia da Vila. Brazilian surfing sensation Gabriel Medina stuck a fabulous almost perfect score of 19.1 during the last heat creating a group of focused air reverses along with cutbacks against Tom Whitaker to win the title. (Which wasn’t any fluke: the guy as well stuck a fabulous 19.6 during the semifinal to overpower Ricardo Christie.)

Previous WT’er Tom Whitaker began the last heat rating a 6.83. However Medina delivered by simply paddling right into a wave at the same time started with tossing a huge frontside air, combined with sequential turns finishing using one more huge air, rating a 9.10. Using the encouragement of the audience at the shore, a motivated Medina included a perfect 10-point score on an awesome wave which he get going by boosting one more major frontside aerial combined with a shredding cutback along with yet another combination of astounding turns.

While in the semifinal heat versus Richard Christie, Medina could display his own quickness together with his huge arsenal of revolutionary surfing through putting together a Superman and lots of classy laybacks, carves as well as off-the-tops.

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Vintage Surf Auction

8 weeks are left until a century of surfing memorabilia fall under the hammer in the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction, brought to you by Quiksilver Waterman Collection. The event will be presented in the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu on Friday – Saturday, July 22nd & 23rd.

This 2011 Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction is going to include things that vary from the timeless as well as the unusual, to the utterly unusual! However every one of them have actually certified as worthwhile among the desired 100 auction lot places.

A classic… a mid-’50s Makaha International championship trophy belonging to the most recognized contest within our world of surfing in those days.

A rare… a 1930′s surfing sweatshirt autographed by every one of the Kahanamoku bros (including Duke) and lots of major beachboys from the time. Pre-auction appraisal: $15,000. Additionally, there is one of Duke’s swim meet medals up for public auction.

The weird… a group of 36 various surf-themed beer bottles from all around America, aging back two decades, supplementing the “6-pack” of beer surfboards are advertising surfboards previously installed inside bars to market a number of beers.

Its coveted… a Pat Curren big wave gun, among solely 11 produced. Pre-auction appraisal: $20,000-$30,000. Also another stylish California speed board created by Pat Curren discovered in actor Steve McQueen’s Santa Paula plane hanger with his collection of automobiles and motorcycles. Pre-auction estimate $10,000-20,000.

The lost and found… North Shore big wave rider Barry Kanaiaupuni’s personalized 16-inch wide, racy pintail pocket rocket that had been discovered amongst memorabilia in the Hard Rock Cafe in Honolulu once becoming ‘lost’ for a 1 / 4 of a century. Pre-auction estimate: $7,000-$12,000.

For anybody considering putting in a bid, pre-registration attendance continues to be remarkable nevertheless will continue to be open right up until virtually all 250 bidding numbers have been completely designated. All of us strongly encourage anyone to check out hawaiiansurfauction.com to sign up.

The entire collection of things is going to be revealed on June 22. Weekly between now and then, the “Peek of the Week” is going to include a different object. Join all of us on Facebook to become the first one to find out about fresh additions.


Friday July 22: Viewing from Noon – 6pm, Galleria Hall. No cost Antiques Roadshow-style value determinations for the general public. Bring a beloved item and find out if you happen to have anything worthwhile!

Saturday July 23: Gates open up for browsing at 10am, Galleria Hall. Silent auction Noon-3:00pm. Main Auction 4-7pm, Pikake Room. No cost screening. Buyers will need to have a bidding number.

A percentage coming from all public auction sales and profits is going to the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation Scholarship Fund, and also to the Surfing Heritage Foundation. For anyone not able to show up in person, the public auction is going to be transmitted streaming live over the internet together with online bidding in real time.

Trident SUP Titles

Port Stephens provided strong swells for the Trident Stand Up Paddleboard NSW Titles brought to you by Dripping Wet at One Mile Beach today, placing the best surfers to the test. Close to ideal offshore conditions pressed sound 8-9′ swells coming from the point right through to the shore, providing opponents a lengthy right break along with a 400m jog returning to the point…

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Kai Otton Wins in Brazil

The first time during ASP historical past, a contest in Brazil has been delayed since the waves appeared to be Too Large. Coordinators with the Oakley Saquarema PRIME special event contacted the twelve outstanding surfers deciding to put off the competition for a day, choosing a Monday final.

As soon as activities got started again (and right after the remaining 2 Americans, Damien Hobgood and Corey Lopez got knocked out in the Round of 12), 4 Aussies competed in opposition to 4 Brazilians during the struggle to take the podium. There had been divided decisions in the quarters, throughout the semis, putting Kai Otton versus Raoni Monteiro during the final.

Otton started the heat scoring 6.83 with his initial ride, however Raoni Monteiro swiftly followed scoring a 7.33. Having only 14 minutes outstanding in the heat, Otts found an exceptional right to then score an 8.60 to grab the lead. Monteiro caught one more wave and surfed it as tricky as he could, nevertheless came out shorter. In the long run, Otton won by 1 / 2 a point — 15.43 to 14.93 points.

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The Tahoe Cup’s First Stop: Donner Lake

The first stop of the O’Neill Tahoe Cup Race Series at Donner Lake this weekend was burly. As in burr–ly.

The day started out with sunshine lighting up the snow-capped backdrop, but by the time the starting horn blasted snow began to actually fall from the sky. The 5-mile race started at the West End Beach Park where competitors paddled 2.5 miles along the south shore of Donner before making the crossing near China Cove. Once the buoy on the north shore was reached, there was an upwind 2.5-mile paddle back to the West End Beach Park and the finish line.

The Men’s race was a tight two-man show between Jay Wild and Robert Pelkey. They set the pace from the start and eventually distanced themselves from the pack at the China Cove crossing. Heading into the wind for the final 2.5 miles, Jay managed to keep a slight edge on Robert and found another gear to pull away in the final .5 mile to take the Donner Lake Overall and 14’ titles. “The conditions were typical for a Tahoe Memorial Day weekend,” said Wild, “This is a great event in it’s third year running and I am happy to take the win “

The second stop of the O’Neill Tahoe Cup SUP Race Series is set for July 9, 2011. The Jam from the Dam is a 6-mile point to point race that starts at Commons Beach and finishes at Kings Beach. For more event information visit Tahoecup.org.

O’Neill Donner Lake Memorial Results

Men’s Overall:
1. Jay Wild
2. Robert Pelkey
3. Mitchell Kahn

Male 14’ Class:
1. Jay Wild
2. Robert Pelkey
3. Mitchell Kahn

Male Unlimited Class:
1. Rand Carter
2. Seth Springer
3. David Defoe

Male Stock Class:
1. Ben Sarrazin
2. Ronnie Ayres
3. Austin Young

Male Overall Masters:
1. Michael Bond
2. Ken Altman
3. Phil Segal

Women’s Overall:
1. Sky Robbins
2. Jen Fuller
3. Shana Kaplan

Women’s 14’ Class:
1. Connie Altman
2. Whitney Wall
3. Erin Roberts

Women’s Stock Class:
1. Sky Robbins
2. Jen Fuller
3. Shana Kaplan

Women’s Overall Masters:
1. Connie Altman
2. Brenda McGirr
3. Judy Turner

Youth Overall:
1. Elijah Delaunay
2. Julianne Brackett
3. Coleton Hollingsworth

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