Results – Billabong Pro Jr in Spain

Ian Fontaine (Brittany, FRA) 18, аnd Cannelle Bulard (St Leu, REU) 17, today won the Billabong Pro Junior Sopelana іn thеir respective divisions іn commanding fashion during аn intense final day оf competition in excellent 3-4ft peaks аt thе main event site of Sopelana beach.

Fontaine was thе inform surfer оf thе day and he tоok full advantage of a slight increase in swell overnight tо tear aрart the rippable peaks wіth а dominating display in the 30-minute final. A combination of lightening fast forehand snaps earned a 7.83 out оf 10 early оn аnd was fоllowеd shortly аftеr wіth a huge air-reverse to claim аnother 7-point ride whіch proved еnоugh tо take thе win оvеr runner uр Medi Veminardi (St Leu, REU) 19, Lewis Clinton (Newquay, GBR) 20, thіrd аnd local surfer Natxo Gonzalez (Sopelana, EUK) 16, whо рlасеd fourth.

“I felt reallу well today right from the quarters through tо thе final,” began Fontaine. “I аm so happy to win thіѕ contest. I have a nеw coach, Richard Marsh, аnd hе іѕ rеаlly good. He hаs kерt me focused аnd told me the best spots tо sit in thе heats. It is excellent tо havе а coach likе this whеn уоu arе in а pro junior contest.”

Fontaine, thе youngest of а trio оf surfing brothers, was on fire aftеr his semi-final bout that sаw him amass а combined two-wave heat total оf 17.50 including a nеar perfect 9.50 оut of 10. On a roll, the quietly spoken natural footer kерt hіѕ momentum durіng the final tо find himѕеlf rocket up іnto 14th position on the ASP Europe Men’s Pro Junior rankings.

“I dіd two reallу bad contests early іn thе season and I waѕ out of thе rankings. I did San Sebastian whіch was a 2-star and I said to mуѕelf ‘I needed tо do well’. In the end I camе hеrе wіth а littlе pressure tо dо wеll аnd I surfed my bеst and I won.”

Bulard made it back-to-back wins in the ASP Europe Women’s Pro Junior series tо jump intо fіrѕt place on thе ASP Europe Women’s Pro Junior rankings. The talented goofy footer performed a series оf top-to-bottom forehand snaps tо secure аn 8.50 and backed uр with а lаst wave of 6.50 out оf 10 tо hold off а late challenge by runner-up Joanne Defay (REU) 17.

“I аm reаlly happy and thе waves were hard to surf but now I аm firѕt оn thе junior rankings sо I’ve gоt a chance tо gо to thе World Juniors ѕо I аm reallу happy. Well dоnе tо Joanne who surfed rеallу wеll аnd іt wаs close. We couldn’t hear thе scores wаy оut the back ѕo I tооk mу last wave and looked tо ѕеe іf shе had a wave. I heard the speaker ѕауing that we wеrе waiting for scores so mу heart was gоing crazy. I waѕ nervous but I won ѕo I аm happy.”

Defay, who dеѕpіte а slow start, сamе back late іn thе heat with twо solid backhand waves to leave the water waiting for her lаѕt score. Falling short bу thе smallest оf margins to tаke the lead, Defay wаs optimistic аbоut her chances оf continuing on the leader’s board of the European Junior rankings wherе she sits іn ѕeсond place.

Boardworks Adds Infinity


Boardworks reported California established Infinity Surfboards is going to be becoming a member of the Boardwork’s lineup, and will have initial deliveries coming available for Spring 2012. Infinity co- owner David Boehne noted, “We are very excited about our new partnership with Boardworks. It will open greater distribution and visibility for our brand. We are stoked to offer a range of our performance designs worldwide.”

Infinity had been established way back in 1970, via the renowned craftsman as well as 2010 SUP Connect “Shaper of the Year” finalist Steve Boehne. Infinity is renowned for its performance Surf SUP’s along with revolutionary race styles. “Our Boardworks range is going to cater to the progressive, experienced SUP surfer…guys and girls that have been surfing SUP’s for a while now and are looking to push themselves to the next level. I believe they will fit nicely in the Boardworks offering and translate into their manufacturing technology perfectly.”

Bob Rief, from BW added, “Any local here knows Infinity well. You only have to look to the local breaks to see David and his posse ripping it up on ultra high performance SUP boards. We think their focus on the ever accelerating pace of innovation in SUP suits our company quiver perfectly. Their sub 9 foot boards are rockets!”

David adds, “Our surf team doubles as the R and D team as well. Tommy Lloy and I ride here in So Cal. In Hawaii, and increasingly around the world, Slater Trout heads up our big wave effort. In Tahiti we have the ever insane Patrice Chanzy! Other team members include Jason Kenworthy and CD Kinley.”

Boardworks is going to be presenting CarverTL and Slater models during Outdoor Retailer August 4 to 7th at booth # 39139.

Record Vintage Surf Auction

The 6th biennial Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction, sponsored by Quiksilver Waterman Collection, occurred in Honolulu last weekend and saw $650,000 of antique surfboards along with collectibles auctioned off in front of a huge audience in the Blaisdell Center. The latest public auction object record ended up being established: $41,000 to get a 1920, 9’0 John Kelly redwood plank. The board was purchased by a shopper via Connecticut.

Hawaii’s leading auctioneer Joe Teipel successfully handled live internet offers coming from around the globe with well over two hundred buyers which showed up at the actual event in Hawaii.

Additional pricey surfboards sold that evening were:
- $30,000 Gerry Lopez ‘Big Wednesday’ Lightning Bolt
- $24,000 1934 Pacific Systems Homes ‘Swastika’ model
- $24,000 Pat Curren/Yater ‘gun’ from 1963
- $20,000 Greg Noll ‘Da Cat’ model from 1963

During the last ten years, Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction curator Randy Rarick found buyers to purchase countless items which has accumulated overall income for those 6 auctions to $3.2million. This sixth auction was in fact undoubtedly by far the most profitable of all time, said Rarick: “Even though we limited the main auction to only 70 items this year, they fetched record numbers.”

“It’s incredibly satisfying for me to see two stoked individuals for every item sold: the seller, and the new owner. Surfing has always been hugely popular for its lifestyle, its athletes, and its culture. This auction is a perfect barometer of that rising growth in popularity and global interest. By honoring surfing’s heritage, we will also ensure its future.”

To this conclusion, a percentage of the revenue is going to be contributed to 2 beneficiaries: the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation, as well as the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

Smith wins Billabong

Although he was unable to surf in his signature board shorts due to the harsh weather, Jordy Smith won the 2011 Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay during the tough final round, beating out Mick Fanning before the crazy , rowdy home town audience about the shore along with tens of thousands viewing on the internet.

The Billabong Pro finished with spectacular style dispite the lousy conditions and small surf. The world’s finest surfers exhibited their own extensive skills in order to rip on everything via yesterday’s flawlessness to today’s demanding circumstances.

Jordy consistently put up amazing results all through the Quarterfinal, Semfinal and Final rounds, nevertheless it ended up being Smith’s local expertise which made it possible for him to choose the very best waves while in the Final in order to eclipse excellent surfing by Fanning. Smith’s triumph ended up being met by an explosion of applause and cheers by everyone there who was enduring the tough weather, and Smith appeared to be amazed to walk up the shore and be greeted by the emotionally charged crowd.

August – Australian Surf Fest

Australia’s best amateur surfers will be preparing to compete in the largest celebration of 2011, in the Australian Surf Festival fixed to start at Port Macquarie this August. This esteemed event, that will operate August 13-27 around the New South Wales Mid North Coast, will find over 400 of the greatest surfers coming from across Australia fighting to get twenty three exclusive national titles during 5 impressive specialities such as longboard, surfmasters as well as SUP combined with the inclusion of alaia as well as single fin.

Surfing Australia CEO Andrew Stark stated he’s pleased to view the esteemed festival get back to Port Macquarie using an broadened contest program. “The Australian Surf Festival provides an opportunity for Port Macquarie to hold the country’s most prestigious amateur surfing event and it’s always a highlight on the annual Australian surfing calendar. The introduction of the Alaia and Single Fin divisions moves Surfing Australia closer to encapsulating a holistic approach to the festival.”

Surfing NSW CEO Mark Windon is also thrilled to return to the NSW Mid North Coast for the 4th yr in a row. “Surfing NSW is delighted to be back in Port Macquarie, which is a jewel in the crown of NSW Tourism,” he said.

“The past three years has seen this event go from strength to strength and all competitors and officials alike are keen to get back and sample the Mid North Coast hospitality which surrounds the event. An Australian Title in any sport is coveted by all elite athletes, with 23 National Titles across all divisions placing the Australian Surf Festival as one of the premier sporting events in Australia.”

However the upcoming event isn’t only on the subject of the surfing; it’ll interest music and art lovers by means of live music, surfing art, surf education and learning lessons as well as the Essential Energy Indigenous Surfing Program affirmed just for this 2 week long celebration. Probably Australia’s major indigenous artisans, Vernon Ah Kee is going to take center stage at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery together with his Cant Chant Exhibition, that will be available throughout the festival waiting time period.

Ah Kee is renowned for his incisive opinions of White Australian culture. Inside the Cant Chant display he takes on the legendary topic of the ocean and casts a critical vision upon it’s unique function in creating Australian identity. Cant Chant shoves to one side the everyday perception of the seashore as being a place to go for enjoyment, pleasure, as well as fun, and thus exposes it as being some sort of cultural battleground.

This 2011 Australian Surf Festival is actually proudly brought to you by Surfing Australia and Surfing NSW and also happily sustained by Events NSW, Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park, Blue Water Bar and Restaurant, Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Suncorp, VB, Australian Sports Commission, Coastalwatch, NBN Television, Port Macquarie News, Star FM, 2MC FM, Surfing World Magazine and Pacific Longboarder Magazine.

The Australian Surf Festival Program:
Australian Longboard Titles – 14-20 August, 2011
Australian Stand Up Paddleboard Titles – 21-24 August, 2011
Australian Surfmasters Titles – 21-27 August, 2011
Australian Alaia Titles – 24-27 August, 2011
Australian Single Fin Titles – 26-27 August, 2011

Roxy Pro Starts

The Roxy Pro started in 2-3′ surf in Biarritz , at the renowned Cote des Basques shore enabling 3 heats in Round 1 to finish during the rising early morning tide prior to poor conditions requiring the contest to be put on and consequently be delayed till tomorrow’s 8 am call up in the secondary location at La Grande Plage the downtown area of Biarritz.

As the next to last contest during this year’s ASP Women’s World title quest, today’s no-elimination round witnessed leading seeds fire up and seize the spectator’s interest using top surfing throughout ever changing condtions. Day 1 of event seemed to be a period to some group of tight heats with a group of global leading surfers concentrating on wave choice in addition to either lefts or rights to grab a immediate leap to Round 3.

Creating the day’s big surprise plus progressing directly to Round 3 in front of existing ASP Women’s World No. 1 Carissa Moore (Oahu, HAW), Roxy wildcard as well as previous ASP Elite member Lee-Ann Curren (Biarritz, FRA) was able to take advantage right out of the challenging surf in order to win her own session as well as satisfy supporters as well as home crowds.

Night Surfing in the UK

Notable surfers throughout the United Kingdom as well as chosen surfers on the Continent gathered in order to start up day one (along with night) for the 6.0 Night Surf and Cash For Tricks locked in the UK’s leading surf break Fistral, Newquay , Cornwall.

Through seven classes fighting during the Night Surf, UK Tour leader Russell Winter attacked all the way to Saturday’s final day. The Pro juniors also were ripping as Luke Dillon took things up a notch demonstrating yet again he could be among the best surfers on the British Isles.

Throughout head high windy circumstances on North Fistral, top riders showed off during the initial round of Cash for Tricks with the likes of Reubyn Ash, Alan Stokes, Oli Adams (UK) and Roman Laulhé (FRA). tearing it up.

Camp Coastalwatch Australia

Australia’s High Performance Centre (HPC) is sponsoring the this year’s Camp Coastalwatch which is joining together 16 of Australia’s very talented, rising junior surfers coming from all across Australia.

Every one of these young surfers attending Camp Coastalwatch are actually personally picked to go to the 3 day training camp which is actually a exclusively developed high level instructional training camp designed for Australian jr. surfers, which is focused on providing younger surfers the top instruction through Australia’s best mentors along with conditioning professionals with a systematic method of high level surf training.

The goal of Camp Coastalwatch will be to assist the advancement of every visitor as well as enable them to complete a easy cross over towards learning to be a professional surfer. Surfing Australia High Performance Surf Coach Gary Cruickshank thinks camps such as Camp Coastalwatch will be an essential program intended for discovering as well as taking care of Australia’s future rising young surfers.

“Specialized camps such as Camp Coastalwatch are proving to be a great platform for identifying up and coming junior talent from all around Australia, this ensures that we have the best athletes filtering through to the top level of our sport which will hopefully one day represent our country,” said Cruickshank.

“It is great to be able to coach and mentor the most promising junior surfers from all over Australia. The group are responding well to the training and I can definitely see some real talent in the mix.”

These specially selected surfers are provided a real money ‘can’t buy’ adventure and every participant is eligible to earn the Most Promising Award and that is a customized surf board of their own selection furnished by BASE surfboards. With the supply of specialized training camps like Camp Coastalwatch Surfing Australia will keep on solidifying their status as Australia’s top surf training establishment which is uncovering Australia’s best rising young surfers.

Camp Coastalwatch runs from July 7 – 9, 2011 is happily backed up by Surfing Australia, Coastalwatch, The Australian Sports Commission, the Illicit Drugs In Sport program, BASE surfboards, Suncorp, TravelSim and Casuarina Beach.

2011 Highland Spring HIHO

Slater Trout took over the Open class in the 2011 Highland Spring HIHO contest held in the British Virgin Islands. Across the 6 day competition, this 16 year old, who lives in Hawaii, held a solid lead throughout all of the 4 Open class portions. Tom Pace out of Pensacola, FL, nabbed 2nd and even Tanner Trout, Slater’s little brother, procured 3 rd place. The Open class challengers met diverse open ocean courses as much as 7 mi. in length which brought contestants to a different isle every day. Challengers had to compete on boards 14 ft and below.

Janette Ocampo picked up the YOLO Adventure class soon after getting a solid lead at the beginning of this multi event contest. Subsequent to taking 2 of the contests, Ocampo grabbed a 4.5 point lead in front of Casey Trout, to secure the class. Points had been given for every contest win. “I started out well,” the Hermosa Beach, CA. local exclaimed. “My results slipped after the pirate party when I might have danced and celebrated for too long,” Ocampo said, since every competitor in the HIHO had been welcomed to an evening meal nightly which provided local music as well as dancing. Jennifer Trout from HI, local BVI SUPer, Michael Daniels, and Californian Brad Gerber took 3rd place with a 3-way tie. The YOLO Adventure class competitors raced in a variety of 1 as well as 2 mile downwind tracks which centered on enjoyment as well as experience with various obstacles which incorporated diving to get parts of colored coral as well as hunting to find treasures. Every participant who took part in the YOLO Adventure class raced on a 12’ Eco Trainer board, perfect for this inter island type of racing.

HIHO 2011 was really a household occasion with lots of families contending through the various classes. The Trout, Gerber, and Denney households journeyed from Hawaii, California, and Florida respectively to be able to participate through the multi-event race. “This year’s Highland Spring HIHO had a great family flavor,” event director, Andy Morell said. “It’s wonderful to see whole families racing together.”

New FDA Sunscreen Requirements

The Food and Drug Administration’s latest sunscreen policies will begin in 2012 and are mandatory for all sunscreen manufacturers by 2013.

Most significantly , they decided that sunscreens are unable to state they’re “sunblocks.” Considering that basically no sunscreen may block out all the sun’s unhealthy uv rays, the FDA decided, the phrase is patently deceptive. Neither with the FDA permit sun screens to say they’re “sweatproof” or “water-proof” for the very same explanation. Sun screens are going to be allowed to claim they’re “water resistant” however they have to display immersion examination facts to back up 40 minute as well as 80 minute defense to point out for how long they are effective when a re-application will likely be required.

Furthermore, the FDA will require more understanding regarding statements connected with “broad spectrum” defense. Basically sun screens which safeguard from both UVB as well as UVA rays are going to be allowed to advertise this way. Also, the SPF rating has to be supported through test details which demonstrates they provide proper protection which is proportional with regard to UVA wavelengths, that’s not really been the situation before this approach since SPF ratings have been dependent entirely on UVB screening.

The FDA failed to require, as numerous consumer groups recommended, to prohibiting SPF promises in excess of 50+ despite the fact that higher SPF numbers often leads quite a few users to decide, erroneously, that they’re receiving significantly more defense the higher along the SPF ratings they go and may consequently enjoy a lot longer under the sun with no concern.

An inference right here, not necessarily precisely produced in the FDA regulations, is the fact that individuals need to apply much more sunscreen lotion and also re-apply more frequently for optimum safety, no matter what SPF might be labeled on a container. Most experts recommend a broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 15, and ideally SPF 30 or 50 put on fifteen minutes prior to direct exposure and then reapplied often. To get total body protection, that’s about a shot glass full — 3 or 4 tablespoons — for every application.

Of course you can avoid using and buying a lot of extra sunscreen by wearing long sleeve rash guards – as these UV protective shirts provide you with SPF 150 protection.

The FDA failed to deal with worries which a number of watchdog organizations have brought up concerning nano-particles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide present in a lot of the latest sunblocks which are very tiny and may be assimilated directly into our skin cells or even into our blood stream. At this point, the FDA’s stance continues to be the same: in which variations associated with size don’t make these types of currently permitted elements much more dangerous. Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA’s drug center, told the New York Times that tests demonstrated simply no proof “that these types of particles are getting into the body.” Nevertheless, sunscreen lotion labeling created in the near future will likely be forced to declare that sun screens shouldn’t be applied to “broken or damaged skin.”

Occy Grom Comp

A decrease in surf wasn’t good enough to prevent the very best grommets out of enjoying themselves during the third day in the Billabong Occy’s Grom Comp at Duranbah Beach, NSW. Surfing on small 1-2 foot waves, kids in the boys and girls ’16 and under’, 14 and under girls and 12 and under boys categories sprinted into the ocean last week, thrilled with the opportunity to surf face-to-face with their very own idol Mark “Occy” Occhilupo.

Soli Bailey (Byron Bay, NSW) would be a star in the early heats advancing throughout the 2nd round in the 16 and Under Boys category.

Putting up the paired 2 wave heat sum of 11.50 points, Bailey took 1st beating out Mikey Wright (Lennox Head, NSW – 10.67 points), Michael Bain (Avalon, NSW – 10.26 points) and Tai Flanagan (Byron Bay, NSW – 7.33 points) each of whom finished 2nd to 4th .

Bailey appeared comfortable throughout the day’s heats, pulling off huge moves inside crucial sections of the surf at Duranbah Beach. “It is always good to start the day with a heat win,” said Bailey. “I am aiming for a big result here, I really enjoy surfing Duranbah and to win this event would be a big accomplishment for me,” he said.
Even so, Bailey wasn’t the sole surfer that surfed awesomely, as Sophia Bernard (Manly, NSW) got into the surf from the 16 and Under Girls ripping it up in all the great right break surf.

Bernard moved on from the 1st heat in the 16 and Under Girls division, putting up a 2 wave heat combined score of 11.47 points, getting into the subsequent round with Coco Beeby (Scotts Head, NSW – 9.20 points), beating Olivia Wheeler (Coolangatta, Qld – 6.23 points) along with Bianca Sansom (Piha, NZ – 4.50 points) who completed 3rd and 4th .

US surfer Kanoa Igarashi (Huntington, USA) won the SONY Biggest prize with the “biggest performance” during the day’s contest.

Of course, all those groms were wearing their board shorts in the water!

Running from July 2-6, the Billabong Occy’s Grom Comp is really a worldwide event having opponents venturing out of all states of Australia together with global surfers from South Africa, New Zealand, Tahiti and Japan. The big event also included Mark Occhilupo engaged through the competition, surfing while in the SONY Expression Session, signing a few autographs as well as casting an eye across the up coming crop of surfing champs.

De Souza Injures Knee

At the end of June, 24 year old Adriano De Souza seriously hurt his right knee during a visit to the Maldives. De Souza completed the return trip back to his home in San Paulo right away to evaluate not to mention take care of his injured knee. Although additional exams are necessary, initial evaluation seems to show it is a mild sprain. De Souza’s physician , Dr Marcelo Baboghluian, said Adriano has sustained a hyper-extension of the knee so he “is in a intense recovery program and hard training program” and is expected to get to South Africa in July.
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Beachley hosts Surf Camp

World famous, 7-time ASP Women’s World Champion Layne Beachley has recently enjoyed hosting 11 of Australia’s future winning girls junior surfers in her own country’s surf training camp currently being presented at Surfing Australia’s High Performance Center in Casuarina, NSW.

Every attendee that went to her highly sought after training camp got their opportunity to meet the Queen of Surfing, as Beachley carved extra time away from her own hectic schedule to be able to surf, coach as well as mentor all the girls selected just for this exclusive camp. Of course the girls wore their womens rash guard shirts and women’s board shorts during their surf sessions under the intense sun.

Guests had been personally picked from her own particular state divisions to go to this all expenses paid 5 day training camp that was a scholarship effort developed by Surfing Australia, the Australian Sports Commission as well as the Illicit Drugs In Sport program.

The High Performance ciriculum was developed from the goal of building Australia’s finest rising jr . woman’s surfers to enable them to complete a easy cross over to being a professional surfer. “The great thing about the High Performance camps is that the participants are identified as future champions,” said Beachley.